We offer :

  • galvanized wire 

We offer galvanized wire by standards of class “normal” Z (zinc) 80 – 90 g / mm2
Class “A” with a higher zinc Z of 120 – 200 g / mm 2
Hardness by option ordering
a) Normal 400 – 550 H / mm2
b) the grids 480 – 600 H / mm2
c) Special 750 – 1000 H / mm2
– Diameter of from 2.4 mm to 5.0 mm

  • annealed wire

available diameters from 1mm to 6mm
range of hardness by ordering options depending on the diameter of the wire
Order executed on the basis of explicit individual orders delivered by the customer.

  • black wires

Black wires by  EN / CE having a diameter of 1.00mm to 6 mm the weight of the circle – a / g ordering fixed   interval hardness – the option of the contracting authority
We use the appropriate thermal treatment
Price confirmed each time the adoption order in the “client”
–  for nails
–  welded mesh
–  for the production of screws, cotter pins, etc.
–  welded materials
–  galvanizing

  • PVC coated wire

PVC coated wire used in the production of wire fencing. Part PVC wire has a diameter of 3.6 mm after coating PVC coating.
Wire sold in coils weighing 600-800 kg.
Coated wire in production of wire fencing

Coated wire PCVw discs weighing 600/800 kg.

  • wire for the production of vulcanised fiber steel –  application: broken concrete,
    –  paved the ground floor,
    –  architecture
    –  produced with diameters ranging from 1 mm
    –  Special hardened, giving elasticity by EN